Best Pest Control Service

Green Home Pest Control is without question, the very best option for all of your termite treatment phoenix and other pest control needs in the Phoenix area. Whether you have ants, roaches, mice, scorpions, poisonous spiders or the dreaded bedbugs, you need to call us. There are over 90,000 types of pest in the US, and it is our mission to make sure that none of them invade your home.

Pest Control in Phoenix AZ is synonymous with Green Home Pest Control. OrganicBugWe are the best at what we do, and it’s done in a safe manner. The pesticides we use are organically derived. Our company never uses highly toxic agents that are cheaper, but can be dangerous to you and your family. We use cutting edge methods, and the safest organic substances to insure the safety of everyone involved. If we wouldn’t use it in our homes, we sure wouldn’t use it in yours.
Our technicians are the best in the business at pest control in Phoenix. All of our technicians go through a thorough back ground check. They are drug tested and certified by the state.

The training they receive is also ongoing, to insure that you get first class service with the most up to date technics available. There will be no need for you to worry that your tech is just trying to hurry up, and rush off to the next job. Our company ensures that they have plenty of time, so each job is done right the first time. Bed bug extermination in Phoenix has become a big problem for a lot of people over the past few years. They are one of the hardest insects to get rid of. Many people call exterminator after exterminator, and still have the pesky little guys in their homes. Save your family the time and money. Call Green

Home Pest Control the first time. Bedbug treatment in Phoenix is one of our specialties. We use only the most advanced techniques and products. This insures that when our job is done, your home will be free from those little monsters.

We are offering a refund of 100% if we are unable you rid your home of any insect that has infested it. If the problem is not solved after the first treatment, we will return up to two times if necessary to eliminate any problems that persist. After that, if the problem continues you will receive a full refund. That is how confident we are in our ability to exterminate any pest you might have.